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Are you buying a house? Or selling your house? Or both? 


Buying or selling a business?


We can also help with preparing sale and purchase agreements, preparing leases and tenancies and liaising with other agencies to withdraw kiwisaver or other grants.


We can help you protect your interests and avoid stress or frustration when you are making one of the biggest investments of your life.


Other property issues


We have a proven history of advising clients on matters relating to the sale, purchase, re-finance and/or development of residential or commercial properties.


We can assist regardless of whether they are freehold, leasehold, cross-lease or unit title properties.


Our lawyers can also advice you on residential and commercial tenancies, re-financing of mortgages, subdivisions and all other matters relating to development or investment of your residential or commercial properties.


Commercial law


We can also help with your commercial legal needs. 


In particular, our lawyers specialise in:


  • Commercial contractual matters (including licensing agreements, confidentiality agreements, heads of agreements and sales and marketing agreements)

  • Advice on commercial investments

  • Sale and/or purchase of a business or shares

  • Sales, acquisitions, joint ventures, shareholder or partnership agreements

  • Supply and distribution contracts (including terms and conditions of trade)

  • Financing, term loan contracts and guarantees

  • Company compliance and directors duties

  • Setting up companies and advising on company constitutions and shareholder structures

  • Consumer Law - including Fair Trading Act and Consumer Guarantees Act obligations


Dispute resolution


We also specialise in dispute resolution - in whatever form this might be. Our focus is on reaching a sensible and beneficial resolution to a dispute, without unneccesarily prolonging the process. 


We have the capacity to handle a wide range of disputes, with particular emphasis on contractual disputes, building issues (including leaky homes), employment disputes, property and intellectual property issues, debt collection and management and insolvency issues.


Wills and Trusts


It is important to have your wishes recorded in a Will so that your property, guardianship of children, pets, hierlooms and any number of other matters personal (and important to you) can be dealt with in accordance with your wishes.


Setting up a Trust is all about protecting your hard earned assets and planning for the future. Our specialist lawyers can help you with setting up a Trust, transfers, gifts and talk you through the appointment of trustees.


Contact us here to talk about drafting a Will or setting up a Trust.


Power of Attorney 


If you need a Power of Attorney drafted - relating to either property or in the event of medical emergencies - talk to us here.


Interpreting services


We can arrange for an interpreter if you wish to have one present during your meeting. Please contact us for more information.


Trust Account


We operate a Trust Account in accordance with the Lawyers and Conveyances Act (Trust Account) Regulations 2008.

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